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Calculate how much you’ll save by having a long distance meeting rather than a face-to-face meeting when some of you have to travel. You can calculate for one person or multiple.

1. Choose if the person/people is/are travelling by car, boat or plane.

2. Fill in where the person is travelling to and from. If you do not know fuel prices and such, do not change the value. Fill in the gross monthly salary prior to tax reductions.

3. Fill in how many are travelling that distance.

4. Press “Add”. This trip has now been saved.

5. Add all planned travels for the meeting. Press “Add” in between.

6. Press “Calculate” and you will see how much you have saved by having a long distance meeting.

Online Meeting Calculator™

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Do not forget to press “Add travel” before calculating the results.

A long-distance meeting saves you this:

Travel costs:


In total: